Hydrographic Supplier in South Africa



Hydrographic printing, water transfer printing or hydro dipping (as we call it) is a surface decoration technology that uses a specialised film for application to an extensive range of surfaces such as plastic, metal, wood, aluminium, fibreglass and glass. 



We are the longest running hydrographic supplier in South Africa. We offer hydrographic dipping tanks that will suit hobbyist water transfer dippers—to the supply and training in using industrial sized tanks for business who want to start out or perhaps expand on their current business offerings. Not only do we supply tanks but also the entire gamut of what it takes to run a fully stocked hydrographic dipping business.


Our offerings include a very wide selection of paints, professional finishing coats, primers hydrographic film patterns, Film spray or activator , various consumables, DIY kits and then also professional packages that include in depth training that will allow you to successfully start your small business.

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