Hydro DIY Mini Dip Tank Special

Hydro DIY Mini Dip Tank Special – R24,999 (1)

Stock included:

  • 12 x square meter of film (over 100 patterns to choose from)
  • 6 x base coat aerosol cans to match the pattern selected
  • 6 x film spray aerosol cans
  • 6 x primer 1k aerosol cans
  • 4 x clear coat 1k aerosol cans
  • 2 x matte 1k aerosol cans
  • 4 x 2k clear coat aerosol cans
  • 4 x scuff pads
  • 4 x dust mask
  • 6 x speed shapes
  • 1 x box of latex gloves

A Hydro Mini DIY Dip Tank with the following specifications:

  • Made from Aluminium
  • Dimensions of 910mm x 600mm x 635mm
  • Electrical unit box controlling the temperature and water circulation
  • Single phase, 220 volt power required
  • 1 element to quickly heat water and maintain ideal temperature
  • Horizontal water flow bar to clean water surface between dips
  • Water filtration compartment to remove used film, activator and surface contaminants between dips
  • 2 separator plates allow for quick adjustment of dipping area to optimise film usage per job
  • Outlet valve to quickly empty tank for cleaning

(1) Cost shown includes shipping charge